I've been tattooing professionally since 2010 but have been cutting my teeth in the tattoo industry since the age of 15. Art and music are my two biggest passions in life.

I am a cover-up specialist and love taking on the mission impossible  tattoos  turned down by other shops.

I am very versatile and enjoy both bold color or high contrast black and grey work. By nature im a dark minded person but whether you want an evil satanic piece or a beautiful color realistic tattoo  im totally excited to take it all on.

I Generally only take on large projects but I am excited to hear all original ideas you may have, large or small.

I take what I do very seriously and I push myself with every new piece I get to do, whether or not its a theme/genre I've done a hundred times already, its my job to make it one of a kind.

Often I work with clients who know they want to invest in covering their body in serious tattoo work but are unsure of what exactly  to commit to. Its my job to help guide you and inspire you  to get what you've always wanted. A consultation is needed to thoroughly bring your vision to life , but here are some artists

that inspire me:

Paul Booth, H.R. Giger, Jeff Gogue,

Zdzislaw Beksinski, Tommy Lee Wendtner,

Derek Noble, Justin Hartman, James Tex, Michael Hussar, Guy Aitchison,Robert Borbas, Kris Kuksi, Robert Hernandez