The "Spade" is the symbol of a warrior and implies nobility. When the modern deck of cards is translated into a tarot deck, the iconography of the Spade makes it the "death" card, which in a round about way means change, either positive or negative.

True Spade Tattoo Society is a somewhat private, more exclusive tattoo environment. I chose to set up 15 min away from the downtown core to encourage the more seasoned, ambitious tattoo collectors to get tattooed. This doesn't mean that im unavailable for smaller pieces, only that im more focussed on big ideas, no matter the size.

We are a very reasonable shop, extenuating circumstances do arise, but heres our shop stipulations:

Shop Rate  is $160/per hour taxes included

Non refundable $80 deposit mandatory for all bookings

(e-transfers available for long distance)

Non refundable drawing fee ranging from $20-80 for

all new projects

(e-transfers available for long distance)


Minimum 3 days notice for appointment  rescheduling

to retain deposit

18 + age of consent only


First steps to getting  in touch with the shop about future work is to e-mail or phone to schedule a free consultation date. bring in any reference(or e-mail) for your tattoo vision you are wanting. reference can be anything  from a collection of pics you found online, pics from the shops portfolio, a magazine or even a written out description . more reference the better.

Once you've made your tattoo appointment by putting down the appropriate deposit/draw fee you now just have to painfully wait till closer to your tattoo date to see a first ruff draft of your project.

A secondary consultation will be set up within a week to your appointment date to hash over the concept and make any changes if necessary. 

Day of your appointment it is key to come prepared, not hungover, well fed, showered up and mentally prepared to sit for a good long session. Generally a short session is 3-4 hours, most sessions are 6 hours +.

For big projects, multiple sessions will have to be booked in advance. the deposit will be carried through from the first appointment to the last till the project is finished. Often with large projects theres a process of layering either color or black n grey detail/white highlights. this isn't to be confused with touchups, which is when the tattoo doesn't heal right for explanations unknown despite the client following all healing instructions religiously.

I pride myself on being a very fast and efficient tattoo artist. I dislike taking many personal breaks  and generally prefer to keep the momentum going. However, when you come in to get tattooed, The shop caters to each individual client and their unique needs, you can always expect the shop to be very hospitable, respectful and humble.


                                                           "Grind Hard, Stay Humble"